Welcome to Bradshaw Primary School, and thank you for considering Bradshaw for your child’s education. We trust that your time spent at Bradshaw will be personally satisfying and rewarding. Our vision statement sums up what it means to be part of the Bradshaw community – “At Bradshaw we all belong to a diverse community of inspired learners, growing together.” Bradshaw is renowned for its educational excellence, diverse opportunities to learn within and beyond the classroom, and for its supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Our school mascots - Brad and Shawna

Bradshaw offers high quality, innovative, research informed teaching and learning programs, from Preschool to Year 6. At Bradshaw we believe that all students can and will learn when given the right support and encouragement. We set high expectations for behaviour and academic progress and support students to reach their goals. At Bradshaw we believe that challenges are exciting and mistakes are to be welcomed in the learning process. We believe in our students. Social and emotional skill development play a vital role in improved learning outcomes and the wellbeing of everyone is paramount to our success. We welcome and celebrate diverse cultural backgrounds, benefiting from the rich contributions that each family brings to our community. Our Bradshaw Learner Qualities reflect these beliefs and are part of our everyday conversations with students and families.

We are Responsible

We Chal­lenge Ourselves 

We Learn Together

The school Leadership Team invites all families to talk to us regarding the learning needs of your child. Communication between home and school is key to your child’s success and you are encouraged to discuss any issues, as well as provide us with feedback on what is going well and what we can do to improve. It is important to remember that our school is your school and that your children benefit from your active involvement in school life and in the fostering of a positive home-school partnership. We look forward to working with you in partnership to foster your children's learning and to help make Bradshaw the best that it can be.

How to

Bradshaw's first priority for enrolment is the area that the school sits in. At Bradshaw Primary School, we are obligated to make sure that the students living inside this priority enrolment area have access to educational services and facilities at this school. Our current enrolment levels are at a point where the school is required to place restrictions on out-of-priority enrolment area enrolments. This has meant that we now have a Priority Enrolment Policy.

Click here for the Northern Territory Education Dept Enrolment Management and Priority Guidelines. 

Click here for Bradshaw Primary School Enrolment Management Plan

Bradshaw Primary School Enrolment Management Plan

Click here for Northern Territory Education Department interactive map

To enrol a student at Bradshaw Primary School, students must reside within the Priority Enrolment Area. As evidence of residing in the Priority Enrolment Area, families must provide either an ASTC rates notice, rental agreement or utilities notice. A driver's license or Centrelink statement/card is not accepted. 

To make an enrolment enquiry please call the school office on 08 8955 2100.

We are espe­cial­ly hap­py with the indi­vid­u­alised pro­grams that teach­ers have in place for our chil­dren at their dif­fer­ent stages of learn­ing. Also, the con­stant feed­back from the teach­ers is real­ly appreciated.”

- Par­ents of stu­dents in Years T, 3 & 5

Parent contributions

Bradshaw School Council have set the annual 2021 Parental Contribution as follows:

  • One child enrolled $100
  • Two children enrolled $175
  • Three or more children enrolled $250
  • Low income family $50 per student (max $150 per family)

Donations in excess of these amounts are always very welcome and help us to provide an exceptional learning experience for all our students.

The school relies on parental contributions to make sure that high quality resources are available in classrooms and to subsidise our school bus and visiting performances.

You will be provided with a statement outlining your contribution at the beginning of the year, we request that you please pay at this time. You cannot use your Back to School Payment towards your Parental Contribution.

Payment can be made:

• in person:

Cash, cheque and EFTPOS (including Basics Card) are accepted in the office. The office is open from 8am to 4pm.

• through Electronic Funds Transfer (online banking):

BSB: 015-881

Account: 4100 12581

Name: Bradshaw Primary School Council

*Please ensure you include your child’s name as a reference so that we know who has deposited funds into our account.

The school provides all books and stationery for students throughout the year, parents do not need to pay for these.