Our school uniforms are designed to suit the weather of Alice Springs and use the school colours of navy blue and gold. They make students of Bradshaw recognisable representatives of the school. School uniforms are compulsory in all NT government schools and can be purchased from the office during school hours. 

Our uniform is a Bradshaw polo shirt with plain, non-denim navy shorts, skorts, pants or a school dress. Families can choose to purchase shorts from the school or from another retailer. 

For cooler weather students wear a Bradshaw jumper or jacket over their polo shirt. Appropriate footwear such as runners, school shoes or sturdy, flat sandals must be worn at all times. Thongs are not permitted.

The excitement of a rainy day!

Students must wear the school uniform every day, including during winter when a school jumper must be worn. Uniform items are on display in the school foyer. 

Students need to have a hat, school bag and book bag, although these items do not need to be purchased from Bradshaw.

Year 6 students can choose to wear the Year 6 shirt as an alternative to the gold and blue shirt. Year 6 shirts are ordered in Term 1 and are unique to that particular year as they list the students and teachers names. 

Hats must provide all around shade – a broad brimmed, bucket or legionnaire style hat is appropriate.

Click here for school uniform price list. 

We have a choice in our school uni­form. We bring our own bag and hat.”

- Year 5 student

Bradshaw Logo

The Bradshaw logo has five icons which each represent an important aspect of Bradshaw. 

The Telegraph Station is an important part of Bradshaw's heritage. The school was named after Thomas Bradshaw, the first postmaster at the Telegraph Station.

The second icon is an image of a child reading, representing learning. Learning is central to everything that we do; we are growing through our learning and indeed learning is life.

The third icon shows two people holding hands. This icon represents that we are many different people who combine to create a school of harmony. People from all types of backgrounds come together at Bradshaw and this is something that we value and celebrate.

The fourth icon is an image of the MacDonnell Ranges as seen from the school. We live and learn in a unique place and this icon represents our connection to this place. 

The final icon is an Aboriginal representation of two people sitting down together, one with a coolamon and one with a shield. This represents that Bradshaw is our meeting place, where we come together.