At Bradshaw we believe in the principle of equity, which means that we endeavour to provide students with what they need to succeed. This is often not the same for all students. We have two senior teachers who co-ordinate our student support and special education processes.

Students with identified learning needs have individual education plans prepared. Progress is regularly monitored with parents, senior school staff, student services staff and the class teacher. The student support staff are able to assist with linking families to community organisations and making appointments. 

We have a range of programs to support individual students, including Levelled Literacy Intervention, Sand Play, Rock & Water, Supported Play, Read Write Inc, Soundcheck, Lexile Reading Program, movement programs and oral language programs. Many classrooms also have Classroom Support Staff for part of the day to provide additional support for student learning.

The Learning Hub further supports students with a number of additional programs tailored to meet the needs of small groups of students. 

  • Junior and Senior well-being groups build confidence and resilience through practical group activities. 
  • Bradshaw School is affiliated with Seasons Netball Club. Netball will recommence in March each year. Look out for the announcement of training in the newsletter.