Policies & Procedures


Our hat policy is in place to make sure that children are protected from the harsh sun of Alice Springs and its short and long term effects on their health. For outdoor play and activities, all children are required to wear a hat that provides all around shade such as a broad brimmed, bucket or legionnaire style hat. Bradshaw has a YES HAT, YES PLAY policy that requires children without a hat to remain in the library, eating area or hall during breaks.

Brad­shaw has a YES HAT, YES PLAY policy

Healthy Eating 

Children are encouraged to make healthy eating choices for their own health and well-being. Families are asked to provide lunches and snacks that meet the nutritional and healthy eating requirements for learning and progress.

Students are supervised while they eat. Pack a healthy snack for Snip n' Crunch (mid morning), recess and lunch. An ice brick in the lunchbox helps keep food fresh. 


School buses organised through the Department of Transport are available to transport students to and from school. Details of bus routes and times are available by clicking here. Students are dropped off and collected from the bus stop on the western side of the school which is supervised by teachers after school. This service is provided free of charge to students. A Code of Conduct applies to all Bradshaw students. Click here for the Code of Conduct.

Car Park 

Many parents drive their children to and from school. For the safety of everyone at the school, please drive slowly in the car park and around the school.

The main car park is on the western side of the school. There are more car parks adjoining Flynn Drive Oval on the eastern side of the school.

There is a Kiss ‘n’ Go zone in the main car park of the school. The zone is immediately inside the entrance following the footpath. NO PARKING IS PERMITTED. If you have to wait for students to come out of school or you are walking in to collect your child please park in the designated spots.

The main car park gets incredibly congested at the end of the day. Many parents choose to make arrangements for their children to meet them in the car park adjoining the Flynn Drive Oval.

Excursions & Camps 

Bradshaw students regularly go on excursions, because we appreciate the learning opportunities that exist in the broader community. We need parents to provide consent before students can participate in excursions.

Camps are part of the school program for classes in years 4-6 and all children are expected to participate. We believe strongly in the benefits of camps in developing class cohesiveness, cooperation, independence and social skills, as well as providing an opportunity to learn about the environment. The cost of these camps depends on location and duration. Back To School payments may be allocated in Term 1 to pay for the school camp for the year.

Our school camps are so much fun. The best parts are climb­ing hills, play­ing spot­light and get­ting to know new people.”

- Year 5 student

Mobile Phones 

Students bringing mobile phones to school must leave these at the front office on arrival at school and collect them before going home.


To enrol a student at Bradshaw Primary School, students must reside within the priority enrolment zone. Click here for the Priority Enrolment Policy.

Fit for school

Parents must ensure that children are in good health and ready for the school day. The school has a sick room where students who are hurt or who become ill during the school day can rest quietly while parents are contacted to take the child home. Children who are ill should not be sent to school, as we cannot adequately care for them in our facility, which is only for emergencies.

Parents and carers must let the school know if a child is diagnosed as having an infectious disease as many diseases have specific exclusion periods. Chickenpox, measles, mumps, rubella, impetigo, ringworm, scabies, conjunctivitis and hepatitis are examples of diseases that require treatment and an exclusion period to pass prior to re-entering the school.

Click here for exclusion times for students with or exposed to infectious diseases.