House Teams

Students and staff belong to one of four houses, which are the Arrernte words for colours:

  • Alkere  (Blue) 
  • Uterne (Yellow)
  • Ure (Red) 
  • Arne (Green)

All students in Year 6 have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through the three Leadership domains of:

  • Coaching
  • Communication
  • Community

The students meet weekly with the teacher for the domain and the four elected student leaders to plan and lead activities across the school which focus on the domain. Students in the Coaching domain lead Sports Day and their Sports House. 

All Year 6 students have a class that they lead in fortnightly Whole School Fitness. The students work together for the whole year with the Year 6 students selecting games and activities for their class and then planning and teaching them.

Sports Day is held in Term 2, with the Inter School Athletics Carnival later in Term 2.

The stu­dents here are nice, encour­ag­ing, sup­port­ive and we have fun.”

- Year 6 student