Bradshaw Primary School opened in 1974 with students in Preschool through to Year 7. In 2014 the school celebrated its 40th Birthday. To mark the occasion the school logo was updated to reflect and recognise the diversity of our school community today.

Main entrance 1974

Incorporated in the Bradshaw logo is a building image symbolising the Alice Springs Telegraph Station. The morse code around the perimeter is a translation of our school motto – “Learning is Life”.

Former students may have a piece of work stored in the time capsule set in 1977 at the front of the school. This is due to be opened in 2027.

Bradshaw Primary School is named in honour of Thomas Bradshaw who was the Station and Post master at the Alice Springs Telegraph Station from 1899 – 1908. He was a keen writer and photographer who recorded life in the Alice. He lived with his wife and children at the Station. His daughter Doris later wrote the book Alice on the Line describing her life at the Telegraph Station.

Ursula Balfour School Harmony Award

Ursula Balfour was the Principal at Bradshaw Primary School from September 2005 to September 2008.

Ursula dedicated her work as Principal to developing Bradshaw as a school of excellence. She firmly believed that “the greatest natural resource a country can have is its children.”

Following her untimely death in 2009 her family presents an award each year. 

This award is presented to a student who:

  • Demonstrates outstanding citizenship within our school community
  • Strives to understand others cultures and perspectives
  • Is polite and respectful to both students and adults
  • Treats others with care and kindness
  • Happily assists others

The recipients of the Award to date are:

2009 Victoria Mafambane

2010 Caitlin Pareroultja

2011 Briar Roach & Katrina Drover

2012 Abbey Schmidt

2013 Casey Lally

2014 Kyanne Cardona

2015 Bryce Auld

2016 Sarah Moore

2017 Letahni Ford


    The ones who have gone before, have made us so much more.”

    Angela Ella Colbey Compassion and Integrity Award

    Angela Colbey attended Bradshaw Primary from PreSchool to Year 6 (1988 to 1995)

    Angela was an extremely special person to all that knew her.

    Everything about Angela was golden, her hair, her smile, her heart.

    Angela possessed a strength of character and integrity that endeared her to not only her family and friends but all students and teachers alike at Bradshaw Primary. Angela radiated genuine caring, friendship and compassion. The legacy of her unique and beautiful soul lives on in the kindness and deeds of others.

    The student receiving this award will honour Angela’s legacy by showing compassion, integrity and caring regardless of race, creed or culture.

    The recipients of the Award to date are:

    2014 Caitlin Schmidt

    2015 Alessandra Panopio

    2016 Shantelle Sandy

    2017 Patrick Ngatai


    Student of the Year Award

    1998 William Carroll

    1999 Beth Sharp

    2000 Gareth Remfrey

    2001 Emmalyne Schmidt

    2002 Emma Fraser

    2003 Jessica Smith

    2004 Sam Acres

    2005 Atelyne Diwenla

    2006 Aleesha O’Hanlon

    2007 Alfred Lowe

    2008 Lara Miller

    2009 Wendell Woods

    2010 Peniche Reu

    2011 Aaron Baseley

    2012 Lauren Baseley

    2013 Ruby Eldridge

    2014 Cleo Orr

    2015 Meaghan Wilson

    2016 Matthew Redman

    2017 Sophie Drewe