Age of Entry

The Age of Entry policy allows children to begin Preschool at the commencement of the school year if they are 3 ½ years of age and will turn 4 prior to the cut off date of 30th June.

Children who turn 4 after June 30, may have the opportunity to commence preschool when they turn 4 if there are positions available. The waiting list for such positions is arranged in order of birthdays from July-December.

There is no Age of Entry for the second semester of the school year.

How to enrol

Please phone Bradshaw Primary School on 8955 2100 to request a call back from the Teacher-In-Charge of the Preschool, Kate Pendle. Alternatively please email katherine.pendle@education.nt.gov.au

In any form of correspondence, please leave your name, child’s name and date of birth and a return email address and phone number. You will receive a call back to discuss your child’s enrolment and to fill in a pre-enrolment form.

If you are planning for when your child will be eligible for preschool, please contact us to complete a Pre-Enrolment Form and placed on our waiting list for future intakes.

Click here for the Preschool Pre Enrolment Form.

Miss Run­dle makes sure every­one is being nice to each other.

Parent Contributions

Government funding allows us to provide a basic level of resources free to all children. We rely on parental contributions to purchase high quality resources to ensure the preschool environment and learning program can be as stimulating and exciting as possible. Parental contributions are voluntary, although we depend on these funds to provide a high quality service.

The requested preschool parent contribution amount is $240 for the year or $50 for low income families. Many families choose to donate in excess of this amount.

$240 works out to be less than $3 per session. It can be paid in semester instalments. Low income families need to provide evidence such as a Health Care Card.

Entry To Bradshaw Primary School

Over the past few years, Bradshaw Primary School has increased in student numbers to a point where the school is at capacity. As a consequence of this, a Priority Enrolment Policy is in place. This policy guarantees entry to students living within our Priority Enrolment Area and allows others to enroll subject to capacity.

As such, entry to Bradshaw Preschool does not guarantee enrolment at Bradshaw’s Transition program.

Your child will definitely have a place at Bradshaw Primary School if:

  • You can show proof of residency within our Priority Enrolment Area. 
  • You have a child already enrolled in Transition to Year 6 at Bradshaw Primary School
  • You are a staff member at Bradshaw Primary School

Bradshaw Priority Enrolment Policy

Bradshaw's first priority for enrolment is the area that the school sits in. At Bradshaw Primary School, we are obligated to make sure that the students living inside this priority enrolment area have access to educational services and facilities at this school. Our current enrolment levels are at a point where the school is required to place restrictions on out-of-priority enrolment area enrolments. This has meant that we now have a Priority Enrolment Policy. 

Click here for the Bradshaw Priority Enrolment policy.

Click here for Bradshaw Priority Enrolment Map

Click to link to the Northern Territory Education Department interactive map