Early Childhood

Students learn best when they are actively engaged in purposeful learning experiences. At Bradshaw...our practices are guided by age-appropriate pedagogies.  

Teachers use a range of teaching approaches and characteristics of quality teaching in their classroom practice. Teachers are supported to align curriculum, age-appropriate pedagogies and assessment to maximise children's engagement in learning and to enhance outcomes. All Early Childhood classrooms are supported with tutors to assist students and teachers to be successful.

Read Write Inc

Read Write Inc is the phonics program that Bradshaw uses in all Transition and Year 1 classes. Teachers and tutors are trained in the approach that focuses on 'phonics first and fast'. Students become confident in sound and letter recognition building to become fluent, enthusiastic readers, confident speakers and willing writers. 

Early Learning and Literacy

Early Learning and Literacy is implemented in all Early Childhood classrooms at Bradshaw. It focuses on child development and practices to develop the pre-literacy and oral language skills to enable children to be developmentally prepared to access the Australian Curriculum. 

In the classroom, you will hear games and activities to develop listening skills, hearing letter sounds, how we make sounds, breaking words into syllables, rhyming words and understanding how letters form words, words form sentences and sentences go together to make stories. 


Gateways is a Perceptual Motor Program where students develop their skills to successfully receive, interpret and respond to sensory information. Through movement activities, students’ academic and cognitive skills are enhanced. Students rotate through planned stations of activities to develop oral and physical skills. Transition students participate in Gateways three to four mornings per week in semester 2.