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Bradshaw Primary School is highly collaborative where teachers work in teams to plan, program and assess student learning.  We pride ourselves on in the way we work in a family-like context where there are strong personal and professional rewards for educators. We foster in ourselves and students a strong sense of well being, a love of learning and togetherness as a community. 

With approximately 70 teaching, support and administration staff, the workplace culture is described as one that is inclusive, safe, progressive, supportive and passionate

Our vacancies would suit teachers beginning their career, seeking broader experience or looking for opportunities to contribute to our profession in new and exciting ways.

Our 2023 School Improvement Plan focuses on maximising student outcomes through the implementation of whole school, evidence based approaches to teaching literacy. 

Teacher salaries are in line with those around Australia with relocations assistance provided for appointments of 6 months or more. Click here for salary information. 

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     to email your enquiry or CV to the principal, Amit Kundu, or call the school on 89552100. 

Teacher Vacancies (contract Jan 2023 - Dec 2023)

Learning the N sound through making nests.

Early Childhood Teacher (Transition - Year 1)    1 position

Working collaboratively, educators align curriculum, age-appropriate pedagogies and assessment to maximise children's engagement and to enhance outcomes. Vacancies exist for Transition (first year of schooling) and Year 1 teachers. Experience in designing rich, inspiring and stimulating play based learning complemented by explicit instruction is essential. We welcome applications from passionate teachers who would like to join the team and inspire our students to discover, develop and use their gifts. To learn more about our Early Childhood Program, click here.

Primary Teacher (Year 2) 1 position

Working collaboratively, educators are committed to developing quality, differentiated teaching and learning to a diverse range of abilities. Essential to the role is an understanding and application of evidence based practice with a focus on student well being. Vacancies exist for middle and upper primary teachers.  We welcome applications from passionate teachers who demonstrate a commitment to excellence as a classroom teacher.

    The com­bi­na­tion of pro­fes­sion­al devel­op­ment oppor­tu­ni­ties and per­son­al growth is incred­i­ble. When I was umm­ming and ahh­hing about mov­ing to the NT, my friend and col­leagues at the time told me Just do it. Get the job and think about the fin­er details lat­er.”

    Lex­ie (Year 3 teacher, recruit­ed from Vic.)

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    to ask a question or email your CV to the principal, Amit Kundu, or call the school on 89552100.

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