Assessment and Reporting


At Bradshaw... assessments are an essential part of students becoming capable and competent learners. Assessment is the ongoing process of gathering, analysing and reflecting on learning. This supports students to focuses on what they know and what they are able to do and to set their next learning goals. At Bradshaw... a variety of formal and informal assessment tasks, tests, checklists and rubrics are used. 

Assessments used at Bradshaw include the Bradshaw Spelling Test, SA Spelling, Year level Basic Number Facts, Number Fluency assessment, NAPLAN data, PAT Maths, PAT Reading and Fountass and Pinnell Reading test. 

In addition teachers used a variety of teacher made tests and assessment tasks and rubrics and checklists to assess writing.

I love doing PE, play­ing and doing maths and there’s lots of space to play outside.”

- Tran­si­tion student


In line with Education Department policy, written reports are completed at the end of each Semester. English and Maths are reported on each semester together with the curriculum areas that have been taught. 

Meet the Teacher Night is held in Term 1. This is a casual, whole school event where our school community comes together.  

Student Lead Conferences are arranged in Term 3 each year. At these meetings, students share their work, reflect on their learning goals and set new ones. Students, families and the teacher come together to talk about how to best support students to achieve these goals.

Families are welcome and encouraged to be in regular contact with their child's teacher and to speak with the teacher directly regarding concerns. Before school and after school are ideal times to pop in for an informal chat. If a formal meeting is needed, make an appointment by contacting the office.