I like singing the Aus­tralia song and all the music like Hot Pota­to, Hot Potato.”

- Year 1 student

Whole School Assemblies are held on the Wednesday of even weeks of the school term. They start at 8.40am in the Jill Tudor Hall. Families are always very welcome to attend. Teachers will endeavour to let you know if your child is going to receive an award at any particular assembly. Senior students lead the assemblies and perform a class item, dancing is usually a feature of these. Assemblies start with the national anthem and often include the school song.

A highlight of assembly is the announcement of the clasess with the highest attendance and Class Awards for the Bradshaw Learner Qualities.  

School Song

Our school song reflects the uniqueness of the location of Bradshaw and captures the essence of our place. A collaboration between students, the school community and a professional musician, the song was produced in 2008 and is proudly sung at our school assemblies. 

Bradshaw School Song

We have all come to this one place, With an open heart to this one place

We have come from far, come from here. Bradshaw is our one place.

We are stronger for the caring, and we know that we belong

In the open space, In this timeless place

Our family makes us strong.


We are many different people, and together we combine

To create a school of harmony, where everyone can shine.

We are many different stories, and together we embrace

The story of who we are,

In this our meeting place.

This is our meeting place.

And we’re growing through our learning, Ever changing as we grow.

We are proud to wear the blue and gold so that all know we are Bradshaw.

We are the heart, the centre,

With McDonnell Ranges near,

We are so proud, we can sing out loud,

For everyone to hear.


When we listen to each other, then we build a better world

The ones who’ve gone before have made us so much more

Bradshaw is our one place.

Bradshaw is our one place.

Bradshaw School Song

We look for­ward to see­ing you there to cel­e­brate the learn­ing and achieve­ments of our students.